Our Farm


Our farm tours and workshops provide fun-filled activities for an outing with the family, co-workers and friends.

Experience a real life farm here in Singapore. We provide an overview of hydroponic farming, growing leafy greens and a glimpse into vertical farming, heralded as the next wave of innovation in agriculture.

We cater our tours for young kids looking for an introduction into farming and getting their hands dirty, to interest groups looking to learn more about culinary herbs or how growing certain plants at home helps to improve one’s health.

Our resident farmer conducts workshops, e.g. How to make jam? How to grow tomatoes? How to prepare an Asian salad? How to grow vegetables at home?

Pre-booking is required. Contact us to organise a farm tour or workshop today.


We practice a soilless growing method called hydroponics. This method submerges plant roots in a nutrient filled and oxygenated solution. Different hydroponic methods include Deep Water Culture (DWC), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and the Ebb and Flow System.

First, growing hydroponically eliminates the plants being exposed to soil-based diseases and heavy metal contamination of the soil. This helps address a number of food safety concerns.

Growing hydroponically also diminishes the need for arable land which has been dwindling by a third over the past 40 years worldwide. Hydroponics is suitable for a location like Singapore that has limited arable land.

In addition, hydroponics uses 90% less water compared to conventional soil-farming. This helps save the earth’s water and is important for Singapore with its limited water resources.

We also grow vertically and in alternative spaces. This continuous innovation in agriculture practices will allow more food to be grown in land scarce Singapore compared to traditional methods.

Lastly, Singapore imports 90% of its food. We do our part by producing locally grown Little Red Crops that contribute towards ensuring food security for the country.


How can we contribute towards a more sustainable future?

We support sustainable agriculture.

Over the years, much damage has been done to the earth in the name of progress, survival and profitability. The earth’s resources are destroyed by countless human decisions e.g. deforestation, pollution of the ocean and overharvesting of our natural resources and food supply. Human actions have resulted in the reduction of arable land, extinction of earth’s species and heightened global warming. We hope to bring awareness to this growing concern and to help play our part in reducing this devastation.

We grow our crops locally to reduce the transportation effort, travelling distance and processing time. The shorter supply route and less time spent in cold rooms lessens the emission of pollutants into the environment, decreases food wastage and reduces our carbon footprint. This contributes towards fighting climate change. Growing our crops furthermore help filter the air and reduce the earth’s temperature.

We also advocate reducing our food wastage. Residents of Singapore throw away 2 bowls of rice every single day. We are working on reducing food wastage along our value chain.

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