Our Story


All our greens at The Little Red Farm are Locally Grown!

We support the Zero Mile Concept, where food should be grown within 100 miles of where it is consumed.

90% of food consumed in Singapore has travelled across oceans before arriving on our plates. Adding to the earth’s carbon footprint and food wastage along the expanded value chain.

The longer it takes from farm to table, the less nutrient content is left in the food when it is finally consumed.

Imported crops are also harvested before they are fully ripe to prolong their shelf life which greatly diminishes its taste.

Hence, we believe growing locally, ensures that our Little Red Crops arrive to you fresher, lasting longer and tasting better.


“We Are What We Eat!”

Our food used to be grown by local family-run farms where we would know where or how our food is grown. Today, our food is mostly produced by large commercial farms located in rural areas miles away from the city. We now also only get to eat a small variety of crops because these commercial farms control what we eat by producing the most resilient crops in the most “efficient” manner.

Over decades, these commercial farms adopted harmful practices like overlaying crops with pesticides. We are now seeing the effects of these harmful practices with its usage linked to an increase in cancer related health issues.

This has given rise to concerns of food safety and our food sources. e.g. Where is our food from? How is our food cultivated or produced?

We understand the concern for safe food. Hence, we practise pesticide-free farming so what you get is fresh and safe from our farm.


Going Back to Our Roots for “Real Food!”

Progress has changed the way we eat. People are living in cities and urban areas in increasing numbers. Over time, urban dwellers lifestyle choices are based on convenience to suit the fast-pace of the city.

For urbanites, we purchase our food from supermarkets, where fresh produce will travel many miles before arriving on the supermarket shelves.

The type of food we consume has also changed where we now consume more processed food because of its convenience.

The Little Red Farm advocates eating what we can to its most natural form. No overt processing. Just “Simple Real Food”.